Shin Splint Kit

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Professional Rehab's total Shin Splint Kit will give you all the tools and information necessary to kick that pain! Your kit will include the following:

  • 1 Cold Massage Roller Ball
  • 1 Compression Wrap
  • 1 Hot and Cold Gel Pack

The following products provide a proven method to overcome Shin Splints. Rest assured as ALL our products come with a 1 year warranty.



The Cold Massage Ball Roller is an amazing product. For years, physical therapist and doctors recommended freezing Dixie Cups filled with water and even golf balls to try and roll out the shin splints while reducing inflammation. Our product combines effectiveness and convenience all into one! No more messes from melting ice. The casing provides an easy grip and smooth application. Freeze the ball and casing in freezer for 2 hours for hours of relief.



Inflammation plays a big part of shin splint. The pressure of that muscle against the bone is the cause of the pain. Professional Rehab’s Hot and Cold Pack are designed to mold to the uneven surface and the curves of your leg even when frozen to provide as much relief as possible. The cooling causes the inflammation to subside allows for better blood flow and recovery. If the cooling sensation is too intense be sure to place a towel between your skin and pack. Apply for 20 minutes every 2-4 hours until pain subsides



Professional Rehab’s Wrap provides multiple benefits for shin splints. Compressing your shins reduces the impacts on your lower leg during exercise. There is a certain amount trauma and vibration that occurs during every step, and Professional Rehab’s Wrap reduces it by giving you more support and stability. Shin splints are a stress related injury and reducing the impacts by adding stability might make a difference in avoiding the injury.

Wrapping your shins improves your blood flow due to improved venous return and it assists you in warming up faster by increasing skin temperature. A proper warm up sometimes helps with pain on anterior shin splints. Swelling and inflammation are a big part of shin splints. Compression is a proven way of reducing both.

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews Write a review