Best Way To Lose Weight While Working Out

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After a long workout, many people still find themselves struggling to shed the pounds. Why is it so hard to lose weight even if you are working out? Below, are 4 ways to improve your ability to lose weight when working out isn’t working. 


Eating right


Losing weight starts in the kitchen. It’s a simple math equation of calories taken in - calories burned = weight loss/gain. Working out for 30 mins a day is likely to burn only 90 to 450 calories for the average person. If you are eating a 2,000 calorie diet the other 1,200 to 1,800 calories are burned throughout the day to keep normal body functions running. Exceeding the amount of calories that you can effectively burn will lead to weight gain. If you’re not looking to spend extra time in the gym, take time to talk with a doctor about what caloric intake and foods you should be eating for your body type.


Switch up your workouts


Not every day needs to consist of a five mile run. In fact studies suggest you should pick up those weights and build some muscle. Muscles tend to need more energy throughout a day to function and will burn two to three times as many calories as fat. If weight lifting isn’t for you check out this Harvard study which compared a variety of different workouts and their effectiveness. 

Drink water


Water is often overlooked when talking about weight loss. Yet it is a major component of your body and drinking more will help you digest better, limit hunger pains, and keep you hydrated. Many people too often do not realize the calories that come along with a sugary sports drink and while those drinks can help in your workouts, they should not be your main source of hydration. Health officials have recommended you drink 2 liters a day (about half a gallon). Doing so will help lose weight while working out. 




While sleeping in won’t make you lose five pounds, it is an important part of losing weight when you are working out. The proper amount of sleep will give you more energy to hit the gym or to take the stairs at work. Too little sleep has been suggested to lead to weight gain and if you are putting in the time to workout, being sluggish and putting sleep stress on your body is something you will want to avoid. 


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