What are the Benefits of Working Out?

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There are tons of reasons for everyone to work out, a “50 reasons why” is at the bottom of the article. Continue reading for in-depth on some of the most important.


Working out is not just about losing weight. Its about building a lifestyle where you look and feel great. Here are some reasons why working out is good for everyone.


Everyone talks about endorphins. They make you feel good and that alone is a huge plus for those 30 mins of sweat. Along with creating natural happy chemicals for our bodies, working out also has the added bonus of reliving stress and making you feel more confident which add to more happy moments. There are countless studies that show that people who workout regularly live a more happy and fulfilling life. Be part of that group.

Prolonged Health

Most people work out for the sole benefit of looking good in their summer swim wear. Added health benefits, however, also include sleeping better, having a good immune system, and finding some relief for mental and emotional disorders. To add to your healthy focused workouts, also try adding some yoga or stretching to further help you mentally focus on the parts of your body that need a workout. 


Even working out a few times a week can help with your energy levels. If you’re struggling to get going in the morning, try getting up and going for a small jog or walk. Getting up and going, gets blood flow throughout your body. Try combining workouts with a cold shower and you’ll find yourself feeling like you have all the energy in the world.

For those of you just starting out it may be important to first consult with a doctor if you have concerns relating to health or age. Remember, after every workout, take time to recover and let your body heal so that you can more fully feel the good effects of your hard work without hurting yourself. 

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